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Purchasing uniref

uniref has been designed to help schools bring together all the necessary information for UCAS reference production in a very straightforward way. Since it is a tool for large groups of people, uniref is not available for individuals to purchase.

The current cost of uniref is approximately £1/person/year, please see the licence pack prices below.

On this page, UCAS administrators can register to use uniref - this is free.

uniref Licence Prices

User licences are available in packs of 100 or 20. More licence packs may be purchased at any time. Each licence gives one user (student, teacher, tutor) access to uniref for one year. No licence is required for the UCAS administrator. The UCAS administrator can add users to the system at any time, but a licence has to be assigned to each user by the UCAS administrator to permit them to use the system. Unused licences do not expire, but can be kept indefinitely. If a student needs access to uniref for longer than one year, that student's account can be extended with an additional licence. Student data becomes inaccessible on expiry of the licence and the data is deleted a further three months later, unless the UCAS administrator either deletes the account or applies a new licence to it.

Licence Pack Price Price inclusive of VAT
100 users £100 £120
20 users £25 £30

How about a Free Trial?

No problem. When you register, you will be given five free licences. This will allow you to try uniref, albeit on a small scale. We suggest that, in the first instance, you set up a tutor, a teacher and a few students. If you have a friendly IT support team, ask them to make you five temporary email addresses, then you can operate all five test users yourself.

UCAS Administrator Registration

Please register here if you are the UCAS Administrator for your school. You may, subsequently, be asked to provide some evidence of your position at your school if this cannot be readily ascertained from your school's website. Acceptance will take up to 24 hours and will be communicated to you by email. Once accepted, you can set up users on the system, purchase and apply licences and begin the UCAS process with your students. After you first login, click on Tutorial at the top of the page to read about the process in more detail.

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